Looking for answers to life's questions? Need someone to talk to or meet with? Seeking a new church home? We can help. We'd love to talk with you and share God's love with you.

Salem is a Christian congregation that's been serving people in the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area for more than 175 years. We're a member of the WELS.

Sunday School

It is our joy as well as our responsibility to teach our children the precious message of our Savior. With this in mind, our staff look forward each week to sharing with you as parents this great joy. Sunday School is in the Family Ministry Center (FMC) beginning at 8:30 AM every Sunday.

Proverbs 22:6, Matthew 19:14

Adult Bible Studies

We are beginning the season with a 7 lesson study and discussion on Church and Ministry, which will take us through the first twelve chapters of the book of Acts. Come and see what the very first Christian church looked like and how it operated under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and discuss ways that we can apply what we learn to our present situation here at Salem. Adult Bible Study is in the Family Ministry Center (FMC) beginning at 8:30 AM every Sunday.

Christmas Eve

Listen to the children tell the good news of our Savior's birth this Wednesday evening at 7 pm.

Christmas Day

Set the presents aside for an hour and celebrate the Savior's birth in songs and scripture readings. Join us at 10 am.

New Year's Eve

Prepare to ring in the new year with thanksgiving, worship, and prayer. The worship service begins at 7 pm.